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The Doggie Cottage offers a complete and thorough service that includes brushing, bathing, conditioning, clips, cuts, blow dry, nails, ear cleaning, and more.

Our Groomers

Ashley Dias

Ashley Dias

Gray Groomer

Gray - Groomer

Our groomer is Ashley Dias, she has been grooming for 7 years now. She has always loved animals especially dogs and has had dogs her whole life. She currently owns four dogs Duke, Rosco, Cooter and June. Ashley is also a horse lover and has four horses. She has competed in barrel racing all over the northeast. She moved to Maine in December of 2021 and started at the Doggie Cottage in February 2022. She is dedicated to making every grooming experience a positive experience! Call today to book your pup a spa day with Ashley!


Phone: 207-657-7311

Katie Wormwood

Katie Wormwood

Scarborough Groomer

Scarborough - Groomer

Katie started her career in the pet care industry in 2015 as a dog bather. Shortly after that she made the decision that she wanted to do more with animals, so she became a dog groomer in 2016. In just a short period of time Katie showed her commitment to the dogs and was promoted to salon manager in 2017. After being in the corporate industry for a few years Katie decided she wanted to try something different. In early 2018 she applied to the Doggie Cottage and this has been her home ever since. Katie has proven that she is always dedicated to the well being of any animal she grooms, and continues to show her love for them day after day. Call today to book a spa day for your pup!


Phone: 207-883-1914

Grooming Menu

Bath Pricing

All pricing is subject to change or add-on based on pets’ behavior, coat condition, and coat type. All baths include bathing, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and seasonal bandanna/bow. These are starting prices only & do not include any hair clipping or trimming.

  • Small short-haired baths start at $40
  • Small long-haired baths start at $50
  • Medium short-haired baths start at $50
  • Medium long-haired baths start at $60
  • Large short-haired baths start at $65
  • Large long hair baths start at $70
  • Extra Large short haired baths start at $75
  • Extra-Large long-haired baths start at $100

Bath Add-on services:

  • Face, Feet and Fanny trim $10
  • Neaten up trim $10-20 (depending on size)
  • De-packing or de-matting $1 per minute

Grooming Pricing

Prices are subject to change or add-on based on pets’ behavior, coat condition, and coat type. All full grooming includes bath, nail trim, full body hair cut, ear cleaning, and seasonal bandanna/bow.


  • Small dog haircuts start at $60
  • Medium dog haircuts start at $70
  • Large dog haircuts start at $ 80
  • Extra Large dog haircuts start at $110
  • De-packing or de-matting $1 per minute
  • Clean feet are $15
  • Clean face is $15

Grooming Add on:
Single dog express grooming (pick up before noon)
$10 fee (Not available on weekends)